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There are 347 films eligible in the feature film category at this year’s Oscars and it’s that time of the year when lists are made, however ridiculous it might seem to compare “Avengers: Infinity War” and “RBG.”

The films I found most satisfying this year, either while watching them or while continuing to ponder them later, were (with links where previously reviewed by Sacramento Press and brief descriptions):

Annihilation” – a first encounter that questions religion, evolution, and purpose
Black Panther” – Wakanda Forever!
BlacKkKlansman” – a black police officer infiltrates the KKK
Can You Ever Forgive Me?” – a writer finds signatures easier than books
The Hate U Give” – a young woman faces off against racism
Juliet, Naked” – a hilarious tale of love, music, and incompatibility
The Party” – perhaps the most dysfunctional dinner gathering’
A Quiet Place” – a tight horror of enforced silence
“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” – an incredible blending of styles and dimensions
‘Vice” – a darkly comedic Dick Cheney Vice-Presidential docu-drama

Honorable mentions, or the rest of a Top 20ish, would include:

Avengers: Infinity War” – a Marvel dissertation on culling the herd

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