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“Okay so I was wrong about / My reasons for us fallin’ out / Of love I want to fall back in / My life is different now I swear / I know now what it means to care / About somebody other than myself…”

The Avett Brothers opened their sold out show at the Sacramento Community Center Theater Friday night with “Shame”, the opening lines of which are quoted above. The 2007 song, from their fifth studio album, is a song about looking back and realizing you were selfish, and your actions hurt people. Such introspection is not uncommon in Avett Brothers songs, which cover divorce, sickness, heartbreak, love, mortality, and other subjects honestly but at times lighthearted or even fun.

The vocal harmonies between older brother Scott and younger brother Seth were as chill-inducing as always, right from the start. As the rest of the band joined…

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