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While Sacramento has no shortage of specialty coffee shops, there are many neighborhoods outside of Downtown and Midtown still untapped by these small business craft cafes. For Sacramento’s outlying suburb of Fair Oaks, Pause Coffee House has arrived to bring an artisan niche to an otherwise Starbucks-centric coffee culture.

The idea for Pause Coffee began as a joke between friends nearly 4 years ago—a wild idea that owners Paul Magda and Dardy Urulescu didn’t believe would ever come to fruition. But when Magda and Urulescu decided they wanted to create a place where they could share their love of coffee, that started them on a journey that included a year and a half search for a building and another year and half effort to build out the space.

On why they chose Fair Oaks, Magda noted the sparsity of craft coffee in the area, saying simply, “We are looking to bring specialty coffee to areas that don’t have it.”

The location on Madison Ave. and Fair Oaks Blvd. gave them nearly 2600 sq. ft. of brightly lit floor space. Importance of quality and attention to detail are evident upon arrival. The aesthetic of the space is…

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