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Sacramento’s newest food venture, Beast + Bounty, is blazing a new trail for culinary adventurers. The goal, according to owners Michael Hargis and Brock Macdonald, is to reinvent Sacramento dining in a uniquely delicious way.

Beast + Bounty will be the first restaurant in Sacramento to feature a wood fire hearth in an exhibition kitchen. Set to open at the Ice Blocks next month, the restaurant will give guests the treat of watching as their meat (beast) and vegetarian (bounty) dishes are grilled and smoked in the restaurant’s open kitchen.

Every aspect of the restaurant will centralize around the hearth–appetizers, main courses, desserts and even the hand-crafted drink menu will focus on the fire.

“Wood fire is the heart of what we’re doing,” said Executive Chef Brock Macdonald, noting that the use of white oak wood will bring out the flavors in his food as they were intended…

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