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On Thursday night, Depeche Mode proved once again why they are the reigning kings of concert tours. The legendary synth-pop pioneers are currently the largest selling act in the world, passing by Bruno Mars, Adele, and even Taylor Swift. And they are worth every penny. 

The two-hour sold out show at the Golden 1 Center opened with a recording of The Beatles’ “Revolution” playing over the loudspeakers. As the band walked on stage and began the first chords of “Going Backwards” (off the new album “Spirit”), giant ever-changing backdrops of art began appearing behind them, continuing to change throughout the show for every song (sometimes morphing into filmscapes almost as captivating as the band itself).

A few seconds into “Going Backwards”, singer Dave Gahan walked on stage, and immediately  commanded the audience in the magical ways that he’s done for over thirty years now. When Gahan…

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