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In the thirty three years the Kings have called Sacramento home, only once before have they had the luxury of drafting as high as they do in next week’s NBA Draft. After defying the odds in last month’s NBA Draft Lottery, the Kings moved up from the 7th pick to the 2nd pick and are tasked with selecting a game changing, franchise cornerstone type of talent. This is a particularly strong draft class, and there a number of tantalizing prospects available for Sacramento.

The Phoenix Suns are owners of the 1st selection and it has been widely reported they will select Arizona freshman C DeAndre Ayton. Ayton projects as a 20 & 10, elite offensive weapon from day one. He enters the league with an NBA body as well. He’s a multifaceted scorer who can face up, score over either shoulder and has extended range out to the three point line. It’s unrealistic he will be there at two for the Kings so we won’t spend too much time discussing Ayton.

What are the pros, cons, and questions surrounding our top picks? Here’s who we’re looking at and what to consider.

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