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Sir Elton John brought his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour to Golden 1 Wednesday night, playing for nearly three hours to a sold-out crowd. The tour, Elton’s final tour in his 50 year career, began in September of 2018 and will conclude in December of 2020 after a run of over 300 shows worldwide. By the time the tour is over, Sir Elton will have played over 4,000 shows in his career. For me, though, this was my first (and last) time seeing Elton John live.

The first album I ever bought was Elton John’s Greatest Hits. It had been out a few years when I saved up enough money from mowing lawns and washing cars in the neighborhood to buy my first album. I’ll admit the album I really wanted was KISS Destroyer – but the dreadfully small record section at Montgomery Ward didn’t have it, or anything else that caught my eye, and my mom wasn’t buying in to my “need” to stop at a real record store (or at least Gemco, which had a decent selection). But I knew…

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