Vendor Agreement

The SacPress Deals Vendor Agreement lays out the expectations and responsibilities of businesses who use SacPress Deals. By running a deal through SacPress Deals, Vendors and their employees agree to abide by this Agreement as well as SacPress Deals’ Terms of Use.

Updated: November 18, 2018

Vendor Submissions

  1. By submitting a deal to SacPress deals, you authorize SacPress Deals to use any of the content provided by the Vendor to promote and sell your voucher on the platform(s) of our choosing. Platforms can include but is not limited to email marketing, social media, and website placements/promotion.
  2. At the time of deal submission, the Vendor must determine “fine print” parameters of the deal such as quality/time based definition, expiration terms, exclusions, limitations, valid locations, and conditions. Customers will be informed of these conditions on the deal page and deal voucher, and will be bound to abide by these conditions. Fine print parameters must be determined prior to the deal being published. The ability to select these conditions is on the Products page of the Vendor Dashboard.
  3. After a deal is submitted, vendors can log into their account to make changes only until the deal is published. After a deal is published, vendors must contact SacPress Deals should they wish to make any changes.
  4. Time-Based and Quantity-Based Changes: After a deal is published, deals that are time-based cannot change the time determined at deal submission; that is, time-based deals must remain live until the pre-determined time is finished. Deals that are quantity-based, however, can increase or decrease the quantity determined at deal submission, provided a decrease does not fall below 10. If a deal is time-based and quantity-based, vendors cannot change the time, but can change the quantity (provided the decrease does not fall below 10) and, as per the parameter set forth at submission, the deal will remain live until it sells out or time expires, whichever comes first. That means if the vendor feels too many deals are being sold in the pre-determined time, flexibility is created by being able to limit the number sold within that timeframe.

Vendor Account

  1. The owner of the account and/or the person submitting the deal confirms that they are the owner of the business or authorized by the owner to submit a deal on behalf of the company. An authorized person is considered by SacPress Deals to be the “Vendor” and, as such, that person agrees to abide by the Vendor Agreement.
  2. On setup, the Vendor is given a username and temporary password for a Vendor account to be used for the purpose of submitting deals, adding/changing personal information, adding/changing commission payment information, viewing sales and commission, and all other Vendor activities. Vendors accept responsibility to change the password and maintain its confidentiality, and to be responsible for the activities that occur within this password-protected account. Note that the Vendor account is different than the “Staff Account” wherein no access to view and/or change Vendor deals, sales, and business information is granted.
  3. Vendors agree to provide information to SacPress Deals that is accurate including but not limited to business address(es), business phone number, web address, financial information, and descriptions of the business, services, and/or the deal. Should information be found untrue or suspected to be untrue, SacPress Deals reserves the right to suspend the account until the issue is resolved.
  4. Vendors certify that they do not participate in illegal activities on business premises and comply with the law in regards to all business activities. Vendors understand that inaccurate information or illegal activities could result in the termination of the Vendor account.
  5. SacPress Deals reserves the right to reject or discontinue a deal should the Vendor Agreement/Terms of Service be broken and/or at our discretion.

Customer Experience

  1. Vendors agree to accept responsibility for a customer’s experience with the services provided as a result of a deal. SacPress Deals is a conduit for getting customers into to the store, but Vendors are liable for the rendering of services, for a customer’s interaction with staff or any other members of the business, for a customer’s positive or negative experience for any reason, and/or health or safety issues that arise during or after a customer’s use of services.
  2. Vendors agree to honor and abide by the terms set forth in the deal. This includes not increasing the price of services for deal-customers and/or adding fees that contradict the terms set forth in the deal.
  3. As an incentive to purchase a deal without hesitation, customers are promised that the paid value of the voucher never expires. To help prod customers to use their deals before the deals expires, SacPress Deals sends courtesy reminder emails prior to expiration. If, however, they still do not use their voucher, Vendors agree to honor the purchase price of a voucher after the expiration date of a voucher. The exception to this is an event where the paid value is valid only on the date of the event.
  4. Should a deal require an appointment or reservation, the Vendor agrees to honor the deal after the expiration date on the condition that the customer made an appointment or attempted to make an appointment prior to the expiration date.
  5. Vendors agree to provide a facility that is healthy and safe for customers and to treat customers with respect.
  6. SacPress Deals may at times offer percentage-based promotional discounts to increase consumer purchases of deals. It is at our discretion to determine the coupon amount and to which deals it applies. The website automatically determines commission based on the sale of a deal, so should a coupon be applied, commission will decrease accordingly. When we pay you your commission, however, you will receive the automatically-generated commission plus and added “coupon bonus” that equates to the cost of the coupon deduction minus the equivalent of five percent of the coupon to help cover the cost of this special customer offering.
  7. SacPress Deals does not issue refunds. However, in the event that we, at our discretion, decide to make an exception for an extenuating circumstance, we will recover the refunded dollar amount by deducting it from the Vendor’s next commission payment. There is no loss or gain of funds to the Vendor or SacPress Deals when a refund is issued–simply the equalization of funds as if the purchase never happened.
  8. Vendors agree to use customer data only for the purposes of redeeming the deal.

Copyright Laws

  1. Vendors are encouraged to send photo(s) with their deal to be used for their deal page and, if deemed so by SacPress Deals, for social media purposes. By sending the photo(s), the Vendor verifies that they abide by copyright laws by owning the photo or possessing permission from the photographer to use the photo. Furthermore, by providing a photo, Vendors give us the right to use the photo for social media, newsletter, website, or other marketing purposes.
  2. In regard to any other content provided to SacPress Deals, Vendors equally verify that they abide by copyright laws by owning or possessing permission from the owner to use said content.