How often do I get paid?

We send commission electronically to vendors every Wednesday.

How do I get paid?

We send commission weekly through PayPal or Venmo. If you don’t already have PayPal or Venmo, you’ll need to create a free account. Alternately, we can send you a check bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your preference.

Do I need to sign a contract to participate/get started as a vendor on SacPress Deals?

No contracts to sign here! Instead, by submitting a deal to the site vendors are agreeing to abide by our Vendor Agreement. We’ve categorized the agreement in sections to make it easy to read through. Nothing crazy here, but it’s good to familiarize yourself with the agreement and let us know if you have any questions.

After a deal is live, does the deal have to remain on the site for a specified amount of time?

The only time limitations are when a vendor submits a time-based deal. In that case, a deal must remain live for the remainder of the time set forth at submission. We do, however, offer flexibility in quantity-based deals by allowing vendors to increase or decrease deal quantities after a deal goes live. Learn more about this and how to make changes on the Vendor Agreement linked above.

How do you prevent fraud/duplication of vouchers by dishonest characters?

Each voucher has a code unique to that customer’s order. That code can only be used once. Even if dishonest characters were to print multiple vouchers, they could only use the deal once, provided the voucher is marked as redeemed at the time of voucher redemption (details on how to redeem below). Redeeming a voucher is a fail-proof way to prevent fraud since the system allows only one use and prevents multiple uses should a code attempted to be redeemed again.

How do I redeem a voucher?

The BEST way is to have a customer login to their account on their smartphone. To redeem their voucher, they simply insert their Voucher Code in the Redeem/Check Voucher Code box to pull up a screen that both verifies validity and allows the customer or business to push the “Redeem” button. Why is this the best? Because while a business can check a voucher code without needing a login (details below), they do need to login to their account to actually redeem the voucher. Customer redemption puts the logging in on them and not the business, meaning it’s fast, efficient, and guarantees immediate redemption. The alternative will involve the customer bringing in a printed paper voucher. More on paper voucher redemption below.

How do I check if a printed paper voucher is still valid?

Each printed voucher includes a QR code – simply scan the QR code (suggested free app for Apple and Android) and a screen will pop up that indicates if the voucher is valid or not. All business team members can check vouchers for validity without logging into an account by scanning the QR code, but in order to redeem the voucher the staff or owner/manger must login to a SacPress Deals-provided account. The same validity screen pulls up whether logging in or not, but the “Redeem” button only appears in logged in accounts. Upon request, SacPress Deals can provide a separate staff login for staff member redemption purposes only (no ability to view stats, etc).

Should I redeem a code if a customer brings in a paper voucher–why not just collect the voucher?

Redemption of paper vouchers is not required, but suggested–if not immediately then at least within the same day. To prevent duplicate redemptions, the system is code based and if that code is not marked as redeemed at the time of redemption, it will remain live and could be used by the customer again. So it’s important to mark a voucher as redeemed as soon as possible. The optimal time to do this is at redemption, but should you collect a paper voucher, a staff member or deal account owner should log into their account and redeem the code shortly thereafter.

Why do you have a separate Staff Login (optional feature)?

The staff login is for redeeming purposes only. We thought you might not want all your staff members to view sales information and have access to the ability to submit or delete deals. The staff login is stripped from access to anything but redeeming vouchers–so you can rest assured that any and all staff members can have the login information!

What if I input the code and it says it isn’t valid?

Make sure that (1) the voucher the customer presented belongs to your business, (2) the voucher code was entered correctly, and (3) a correct voucher code was entered (all SacPress Deals codes begin with ‘SPD’).

How much of a discount should I offer?

That is completely up to you and in many cases it depends on the services or products you offer. We suggest you select a price that will attract customers but still take your profit margin into consideration. Most businesses stay in the 20-50% off range, while some float around 60-80%.